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Jason Yavorska :: || Fractional technical CPO for growing technology businesses


CPO/PM specialized in building customer-focused product roadmaps for highly technical teams, enabling iterative development, and building strong collaboration between technical and non-technical teams.


CEO and advisory experience with product-focused technology companies, hiring amazing, geographically distributed teams, and building transparent and results-oriented company cultures.

“Jason's leadership, wisdom, and adaptability have been invaluable... His holistic approach, swiftly adapting to new tasks including engineering, demonstrates his profound expertise across diverse areas... His energy and discipline are remarkable, as is his deep understanding and considerate nature in team interactions... Jason embodies the spirit of collaboration and problem-solving, inspiring respect and imparting wisdom.” -Samuel Mork Bednarz

“I worked for and reported directly to Jason in my time at Synura, the company that he founded. Jason sees the big picture of software, yet you can go into very technical details with him.” -Aleksandar Petrushev

“One of the best CEOs I've ever had the pleasure of working with is Jason. He leads with great dedication, professionalism, focus, and empathy. Every team member receives his support throughout the entire process, and he consistently finds ways to keep everyone motivated. He also possesses remarkable problem-solving and goal-oriented abilities.” -Airamddy Vásquez

“Jason is a great leader, hands down one of the best I've known, a CEO/leader who helps the technical team in positive way, and an awesome person to work with!” -Marwan Yassin

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